Boca Coast

Boca Coast Florida LogoSticky-Fish is proud to be the official decal producer for Boca Coast. Known as the Inshore Fishing Capital of the World, the Boca Coast is the Southwest coastal region from Sarasota to Ft Myers Fl and surrounding areas. The company promotes tourism to the area via their most significant asset, which is fishing for world class game fish. Their mission doesn’t end there however. They have built a page promoting tarpon and snook charters for local captains that are not only well established, but are also champions for local ecological health. Organizations such as Captains for Clean Water and the Coastal Conservation Association of Florida are supported through their efforts to bring attention to the water quality issues effecting their fishery and industry. This also involves conservation for area beaches and wildlife that are vital to their tourism economy. We’re in full support of the efforts these companies, business owners and organizations are working hard to preserve and maintain.

The inshore and nearshore waters of the BC contain several species of game fish. The main attraction is the Tarpon, which annually migrates up the Florida coast. During the height of this migration near the end of spring and beginning of the summer season, thousands of anglers travel to the heart of the Boca Coast to fish the Boca Grande Pass. The tarpon are an elusive fish and while there are more numbers concentrated in this area than anywhere else in the world, it can be a challenge to catch them. Once hooked, these powerful fish will rocket their 100lb plus bodies from the water in a violent stride to break free. They are often successful in their effort to the thrill and dismay of their pursuers.

Snook and Redfish are the other species of fish that attract anglers to this region. The Florida State record for snook was recorded on the inshore waters of Ft Myers Fl. The unofficial record was recently reported in the Sarasota area by the Mad Snooker. All throughout the year there are harvesting limitations on the snook to preserve their numbers and maintain a strong fishery. Redfish have what’s known as a Slot harvesting size which also maintains their breeding stock. There is no particular season for the redfish and they are prevalent in the area the entire year. The month of October is affectionately coined Red October because this is when these redfish tend to form large schools and can be seen tailing on the flats and sand bars. This is where the water is so shallow the fishes tail protrudes from the water as they chase bait across the shallows. This provides anglers with a great opportunity to sight cast their bait and catch one of these beautiful fish.


If you ever wish to fish for Tarpon, Snook or Redfish we highly recommend contacting the experts from the Inshore Fishing Capital of the World at Boca Coast. There’s no better place to vacation with your family while angling for trophy game. If you want a decal of these amazing fish for your car, truck or boat; you’re in the right place. Shop our selection of quality decals in the links above.


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