Family Fish Largemouth Bass Decal


Decal dimensions: 4.5″ x 10″
Available in white
**All family fish packets are customizable and you can cut/separate to fit any space.

Everyone has that one big mouth in the family, now you can show the world who has the biggest mouth in yours.
You love your family and you love to fish! Express this with our family set, two adult and two child size decals. Install in one piece or cut and easily install to fit your favorite space.

All Sticky-Fish decals are cut from high quality decal vinyl and are designed to endure the intensity of both salt and sun! Vinyl is high gloss and UV protected so they won’t fade. When applied to smooth, clean surfaces like coolers, windows, boat hulls and kayaks, these decals will last 4 – 5 years! Installation instructions are on all packaging.

All purchased decals come with a bonus “sticky-fish brand” decal free of charge.

Our decals are produced in-house by Sticky-Fish, 100% American made.